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        About Tim

        Wired called me an "Alpha Geek" and the New York Times called me a "seamless integration of man and machine." I'm a past finalist for the National Magazine Award and the Mirror Award for best In-Depth/Enterprise Reporting. I've been building things both practical and whimsical for more than 20 years, while serving in roles like Director of Video at The Daily Beast and Deadspin. In that time, I've reached hundreds of millions of users thanks to proprietary technology that enables me to identify content that has the potential to reach desired audiences & apply my knowledge of those audiences to craft that content in a way that resonates with them. Things like this:

        For a full recap of my work in the news & politics space, see my curriculum vitae.

        Things of mine you may have read:

        "Manti Te'o's Dead Girlfriend, The Most Heartbreaking And Inspirational Story Of The College Football Season, Is A Hoax" (w/ Jack Dickey)

        "The Long Con: How The Manziels Conquered America"

        "This Is Why There Are So Many Ties In Swimming"

        "How America's Largest Local TV Owner Turned Its News Anchors Into Soldiers In Trump's War On The Media"


        Sinclair video: 30+ million across platforms
        Melania/Michelle plagiarism: 25+ million across platforms
        : 20 million across platforms
        #RIP #tarpkid: 15 million across platforms
        : 7.5 million across platforms
        Trump/Bane: 6.5 million across platforms
        Trump/Buy American: 5 million across platforms
        Phelps/Dark Side: 5 million across platforms
        : 5 million across platforms
        McCain/Steve Austin: 3.5 million across platforms
        Trump/Graham: 3 million Twitter-only

        What We Do

        We offer services ranging from monitoring and evaluation of social media feeds to complete strategy solutions for video and social media to clients both in news media and in politics. In charge of a local newsroom? We'll give you the tools to top your market—or, if you're ambitious, reach a national audience.

        For political clients, we provide full communications strategy consulting to enable your firm or campaign to reach every potential audience member with newsworthy, viral-ready content that promotes your candidate or position. We've demonstrated a long track record of being first on social with breaking news events and putting those events in a context that promotes their widespread consumption; that can range from the folksy but angled to the pop cultural.

        On the technology side, our small team builds products utilizing optical character recognition, live video and closed captioning capture, and computer vision utilizing our extensive archive of news and sports broadcast video that spans decades. Some of that work goes toward our own public-facing accounts, and the rest to private clients. Think we can contribute to your next project? Email me.


        The original CNN news bot.


        The advanced TV news bot.

        30fps — RETURNING SOON!

        20,000 live TV screencaps.

        Pig-Prog —?COMING SOON!

        The Pigskin Prognosticator.

        How We Do It

        A comprehensive technology plan blends cloud computing with our Tampa-based studio to monitor the world's television broadcasts for breaking news.


        32 TV tuners monitor feeds from satellite, cable, fiber optic, and IPTV sources 24 hours a day using a mix of macOS and Linux-based machines.


        Proprietary Python scripting combines with the industry-standard ffmpeg package across both platforms to maintain full HD quality and retain the original Dolby 5.1 audio streams.


        Tens of thousands of hours of raw broadcast footage in one of the largest private archives of live news and sports video in the world, unedited and in its original broadcast format whenever possible.

        Also, GIFS

        Pronounced with a soft G. Gifulmination archives more than 5,000 exclusive animated GIFs, and 1,000 more can be found over on Deadspin.

        Research Interests

        I completed doctoral coursework at the University of South Florida in 2008, studying systems theory and cybernetics in Communication Studies while earning a graduate certificate in women's studies. I spent ten years in total teaching communication and speech classes while publishing research in media theory, critical/cultural theory, rhetoric, and feminist communication theory. I spend what free time I have growing citrus trees, exotic chili peppers, bananas, and volunteering for Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue. An abbreviated resume is here (49 kb PDF).

        Get In Touch

        Questions / Comments: Email me. Twitter DMs are open. tim@mocksession.com / timothy.burke@gmail.com